Earth Story

a Story for you - by you

Once upon a time . . .

 there was a beautiful little planet.  The beautiful little planet had many monikers, names, and titles ascribed to it.  But the name most popular with the planet's inhabitants was - Earth.  Earth, beautiful planet, whatever those upon it called it, it, the planet, did not much care.

What the planet did care about, more than anything else, was its overwhelming desire to go home and be back where it once felt loved, cared for, and appreciated.  It had been a long time since anyone had been nice to it, taken care of it, and sincerely loved the planet some called - Earth, beautiful, little, along with the many other unsolicited names bestowed upon it.

It was not until after the passing of much time that once again those feelings of being appreciated, cared for, and truly loved were miraculously and mercifully experienced by planet Earth.   What was Earth's merciful miracle? 

(To be continued - by you.)